85 mm f/1.4 IF MC Aspherical Canon

85 mm f/1.4 IF MC Aspherical Canon
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High quality lens intended for portrait shooting and designed especially for photographers seeking the best possible image parameters. The lens comprises of 9 lenses divided into 7 optical groups and provides internal focusing function. It should be also noted that one of the lenses is aspherical. Iris diaphragm allows one to produce aesthetic bokeh. All lenses were covered with multilayered, anti-reflective coatings, which add to the very high level of light transmission.

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Manufacturer ... Samyang Optics Model 85 mm f/1.4 IF MC Aspherical Lens style Telephoto Focal length 85 mm Maximum aperture f/1.4 Angle of view 28.3 Minimum focusing distance 1 m Minimum aperture f/22 Number of diaphragm blades 8 Auto focus type MF Lens Construction 9 elements / 7 groups / 1 aspherical lens Filter diameter 72 mm Macro no Available mounts Canon, Nikon, KM/Sony, Pentax, 4/3, Samsung NX Dimensions 78 x 72.2 mm Weight 513 g

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